Intuition & Your Dream Job

Lecture 1: Introduction to the course

This is an introduction to the wonderful Intuition course. In this course you will have lectures on what intuition is and why you need intuition in your life. You will also learn about some very famous people who use intuition in their lives and in addition, you will learn how to develop and access your intuition so you may be guided towards your Dream Job. I hope you enjoy this very stimulating course.

Lecture 2: What Is Intuition?

In this is lecture you will learn what Intuition is and listen to a very insightful audio clip on intuition by Shakti Gawain, the author of “Creative Visualization” & “Developing Intuition”. I hope you enjoy this exciting lecture.

Lecture 3: Why Do You Need Intuition?

This lecture focuses on why you need Intuition in your life. You will also watch a very stimulating video on this topic, by Dr. Judith Orloff, a psychiatrist who uses intuition in her practice. Her videos are fantastic and I hope you enjoy this one.

Lecture 4: Who Uses Intuition?

This lecture will inspire you with a number of quotes by some very famous people who use Intuition in their lives. You will also watch a brief video clip by Steve Jobs and another video by Dr. Judith Orloff. Dr. Orloff talks about her interview with Quincy Jones and how he and some very well known jazz musicians use Intuition. There is also an exercise in this lecture called “Famous Peoples’ Views On Intuition”. I hope you enjoy the information; I find it very inspirational.

Lecture 5: Developing Your Intuition

I believe, the more you are fully in tune and in harmony, with your body, mind, and spirit, the easier it becomes to trust your intuition. The big question is: “But how do you develop your intuition?” In this lecture, you will watch another video clip by Dr. Judith Orloff in order to gain some further insights into developing your intuition.

Lecture 6: Intuition Meditation For Your Dream Job

Another very important way to access your intuition is with meditation. In this lecture, I will give you a meditation to follow each day so that you will be able to access your intuition. This meditation has worked for many people in helping them to Discover their Dream Jobs. Enjoy!

Lecture 7: Intuition Meditation Exercises

The first exercise is called “What is important in my life?” Answering this question will help you determine your values. Once you determine your values, you will try to discover a dream job that meet these values. For example, if one of your values is to bring joy and happiness to people by making them laugh, you might want to become a comedy writer or comedian. If one of your values is to help our environment by reducing toxic emissions, you might want to become an environmental engineer and create a new non polluting fuel for cars.

Your 2nd question is, “What is my Dream Job?” Once you’ve determined your values, your sub-conscious mind will help to guide you to the jobs that meet your standards.  You will focus on this question each day and write down all your potential dream jobs.  You can then go back to the course, ‘6 Best Websites to Discover Your Dream Job’ to see if this is your True Dream Job.
I hope you enjoy this exercise and lecture.

Lecture 8: Intuition & My Restaurants

In this lecture, I am going to talk about how intuition has helped me in creating my dream job of owning 2 restaurants. I will give you examples from my life as to how using and trusting my intuition helped me find the right location, the right name, and the right concept!

Lecture 9: Intuition & My Teaching Career

In this lecture, I am going to talk about how intuition guided me to my teaching career. I talk about the ‘window of opportunity’ that I was able to enter because I trusted my intuition. This ‘window of opportunity’ gave me the exact timing I needed to become a teacher. I also discuss how I used both my rational and intuitive mind to become a teacher.  In this lecture, there are also two short but stimulating exercises to complete.  Enjoy!

Lecture 10: Thank You

In this lecture, I thank you for your participation in this course and thank the people and organizations that contributed to all of my courses. I also mention my affiliate program and some other tidbits that you might find interesting.

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