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Discover Your Dream Job

logo for DYDJ udemyDiscover Your Dream Job is the most thorough job discovery course out there!!

It consists of:

1. 93 time-tested, dynamic, fun, creative, engaging, and insightful VIDEO TUTORIALS; approximately 14 hours of information.
2. dozens of inspirational activities & exercises; about 300 pages in total that will keep you fully captivated and engaged 100% of the time.
3. Participation with other like-minded Dream Job Explorers on Facebook.
4. E-mail support from David.
5. Free monthly newsletter.
6. Discounts off private coaching sessions with David!
7. Discounts off future courses!

By the end of this course, you will have Discovered and Explored Your Dream Job. Discovering Your Dream Job will, in my opinion, lead to a happier and healthier life!


Intuition & Your Dream Job

FREE When You Sign Up For My Newsletter!Group of university students

Many well known entrepreneurs, scientists, & celebrities such as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, & Oprah Winfrey have used intuition to help guide them to their goals, their dreams, & their Dream Jobs. This course will explore the phenomenon of intuition, with video and audio clips from one well known author & one well known doctor. In addition, you will be introduced to an intuition meditation and several exercises, in order to help you get in touch with your intuition and to assist you in Discovering your Dream Job. The course is about 80 minutes long and consists of 10 video tutorials.




Values For Your Dream Job

image for course websiteThis is a wonderful course that is dedicated to your Core Values for your Dream Job. You start off this course with an inspirational quote by Marilyn Strong, author of the book “Getting Paid to Pay Attention”. Next, you will learn what Values are and then study 39 Core Values for your Dream Job. After this, you will complete an exercise to determine your Top 5 Core Values and then write a reflection based on this exercise. The course is only about 30 minutes long and consists of 6 videos. Don’t let the length fool you; it’s packed with lots of great information. I hope you enjoy this wonderful course and the insightful exercises.




6 Best Websites To Discover Your Dream Job

new for websiteAre you searching for your Dream Job or do you have a job that you would like to explore? This course will navigate you through some incredible Canadian and U.S. career websites in order to find the answers to those questions. The course is about 90 minutes long and includes 9 video tutorials.





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