6 Best Websites To Discover Your Dream Job

Lecture 1: Introduction to the course

Hi there and welcome to this exciting tour of, in my opinion, 6 of the best career websites that will help you to Discover your Dream Job. There are some similarities between these websites but each one of them is a little different and brings some fresh insights into the exploration and discovery of your dream job.

Lecture 2: Career One Stop

This website has a lot of great information to explore but for the purpose of this lecture, I will focus on where to find the video and job profile for your future dream job. After doing this, I’ll take you on a quick journey through some of the other great features of this website.

Lecture 3: Alberta Learning Information Service

The main focus of this lecture on the Alberta Learning Information Service website is to show you their fantastic videos of people working at various jobs. The videos in this website are much longer than the previous website and each video shows a person being interviewed in that occupation. This is a Canadian website sponsored by the government of Alberta and it has lots of fantastic information.

Lecture 4: Bureau Of Labor Statistics

This is a tutorial of the Occupational Outlook Handbook and some other wonderful features in the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. After you watch the video, there is a very short exercise to complete. Enjoy!

Lecture 5: O*Net Online

This lecture will show you some important features of the O*Net Online Website. This is a fantastic website and afterwards, you will complete a short exercise. I hope you enjoy the great information in this website.

Lecture 6: Employment & Social Development Canada

In this lecture you will review your 9 Essential Skills by watching a video on the Employment & Social Development Canada website. Afterwards, there is a short exercise to complete.

Lecture 7: American Job Center

In this lecture you will watch a video on the American Job Center website and afterwards complete a short exercise. I hope you enjoy the information.

Lecture 8: Tying It All Together

Here is where you will tie it all together. You will transfer all of your results from the previous exercises onto a final exercise in order see if this is really your True Dream Job. There is also a “What Do I Do Next Tip Sheet” for some more advice.

Lecture 9: Thank You

In this lecture I thank you for taking this course and give you a list of the people and organizations that helped to make all of my courses a great success.  Good luck and all the best on your journey to Discovering Your Dream Job.


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